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The BLA (Big Lead Assembly ®) takes all the guesswork out of wiring your solar field. Using Shoals’ latest in-line fuse and wire manufacturing technology, we offer you a site free of DC string combiners. The entire load is combined into a single pair of aluminum conductors running from the string combiner to the inverter. There’s no need to trench for DC feeders or hang string combiner boxes. And when terminated with the BAC connector, the whole array is plug-&-play. Plug in the panel strings, plug into the inverter, and just walk away!

bla harness

Shoals introduces the Big Lead Assembly, or BLA for short. The BLA is an aboveground aluminum trunk system that combines the functionality of cable assemblies, combiner boxes, and fusing all into one. This free air de-rated system eliminates the need for standard combiner boxes, messy multiple conductor string wires, cable trays, trenching, and field crimping. Factory manufactured and quality guaranteed. 

 1500V disconnect box series

The Shoals BLA Disconnect series is an essential part of our innovative BLA system. Providing isolation using a 100% load-break rated disconnect, these disconnect boxes remove the fuses and fuse holders from inside traditional combiner boxes and move them to the harness, where the cooler surrounds allow their more reliable performance. Lab-proven under full load during static heating sequence testing, the BLA Disconnect is designed for maximum durability and years of uninterrupted, real-world service. Field installation time has been slashed, space for cable terminations generously increased, and O & M torque points reduced by up to 63%.

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NO combiner boxes
NO field o&m
NO torquing
NO cable trays
NO trenches
NO re-combiners
NO custom power stations

Interconnect System with BLA

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