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Shoals’ patented Interconnect System™ and home run harnesses reduce the specialized labor required in your installation, making the integration of solar panels a breeze. Whether purchased separately or pre-installed in the combiner box to streamline installation, Shoals home-run harnesses and Interconnect System™ are perfect for any PV project.

inline fuse harness


Maximize the current rating of the DC combiner fuse holders and reduce the number of DC combiner boxes on site. By using a harness that incoporates an inline fuse, installers can pre-combine strings before the combiner box.

bla harness


The BLA (Big Lead Assembly®) takes the component harness to a whole new level. Making use of the Shoals In-Line fuse and wire welding manufacturing process, we can offer a site that is free of DC string combiners, all of the load is combined in the large conductors that typically run between the string combiner and the inverter. No need to trench for DC feeders or hang string combiner boxes. And when booted with BAC connector, the entire array is plug-and-play, plug in the panel strings, plug into the inverter..

dc feeders


Shoals can supply the larger conductors that run from the string combiner to the inverter or re-combiner, cut to length and outfitted with any style lug required on site. It can also be ordered with the BAC connector so there is never any need to torque check which reduces O&M time and costs.



A method of connecting a terminal to a connector. A typical use would be from a combiner box to a string of panels.



A method of connecting two components with connectors. A typical use would be connecting strings between two rows or connecting a string to a Shoals combiner box with pre-installed pigtails..

branch connectors


A method of combining multiple wires without the need for in-field splice. This patented device helps increase efficiency on site while reducing the amount of wire and number of combiner boxes needed..

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