Products that are truly innovative should be highly approachable and always aspire towards simplicity. As experts in our field, our roots stem from the automotive industry. That means we recognize the inherent value of any product is in its quality, reliability, and the long-term value it delivers. With these values as our foundation, they’re incorporated into any product we produce.


The BLA (Big Lead Assembly) takes all the complexity out of wiring your solar field. Using Shoals’ latest in-line fuse and wire manufacturing technology, we offer you a site free of traditional DC string combiners. With the BLA, the entire load is combined into a single pair of aluminum conductors running from the sub-array to the inverter. With proven technology from the telecom industry, this aerial cabling system is built to endure UV exposure and outdoor environments in excess of 40 years.

bla harness


Shoals introduces the Big Lead Assembly, or BLA for short. The BLA is an aboveground aluminum trunk system that combines the functionality of cable assemblies, combiner boxes, and fusing all into one. This free air de-rated system eliminates the need for standard combiner boxes, messy multiple conductor string wires, cable trays, trenching, and field crimping. Factory manufactured and quality guaranteed. 

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NO combiner boxes

NO field o&m

NO torquing

NO cable trays

NO trenches

NO re-combiners

NO custom power stations

NO guesswork



Shoals’ patented Interconnect System™ and home run harnesses reduce the specialized labor required in your installation, making the integration of solar panels a breeze. Whether purchased separately or pre-installed in the combiner box to streamline installation, Shoals home-run harnesses and Interconnect System™ are perfect for any PV project.

parallel harness


Maximize the current rating of the DC combiner fuse holders and reduce the number of DC combiner boxes on site. By using a harness that incorporates an inline fuse, installers can pre-combine strings before the combiner box. With configurations available for bi-facial and crystalline panels, as well as Series 4 and Series 6, Shoals has a harness for your site.

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The next evolution of combiner boxes, optimizing both cost and layout without sacrificing quality or performance.  

1500V high current combiner series 


The Shoals High Current Combiner series is used to combine multiple strings per circuit up to a 60A fuse size. This means a more than 50% reduction in return cables over a traditional combiner box. Lab-proven under full load during static heating sequence testing with fuses installed, the High Current Combiner is designed for maximum durability and years of uninterrupted, real-world service. Field installation time has been slashed, space for cable terminations generously increased, and O&M torque points reduced by up to 41%.

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Optimizing BOS products is what Shoals does best, and since 2003 we have been committed to simplifying solar installations. When designing your harnessing system, we strive for efficiency and ease of use, thereby reducing the need for specialized labor in the construction of your field or rooftop.

combiner or combinerless installation

You tell us which installation set-up you prefer in the construction of your solar field

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combiner boxes

component harnesses

home-run harnesses

optional SnapShot monitoring

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component harnesses

bla harness

optional blm monitoring


We always welcome the opportunity to collaborate with clients and address their project needs in a way that respects budget and delivers results. Bring us your ideas and, together, we’ll build a solution. These services include:

Design optimization of solar power plants

Technical due diligence and verification of system architecture


Support and service in the operation and maintenance transition following the installation of your solar power plant.  



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