Our horizontal single axis tracker is a cost effective rack designed for large-scale PV ground mount systems. The system simply uses a set of drives and controllers to achieve automatic tracking for the entire array. The unique linkage structure and maintenance-free rotary bearing provides for excellent system reliability, low failure rate and low maintenance cost.


Compared to the traditional fixed tilt ground mount, this tracker enables 20% higher annual power generation, therefore becoming an ideal choice for large scale PV installations.

Large Installation Capacity

Single array maximum installation 100kWp-150kW

Multi-unit Linkage

Ensuring stable structure, excellent cost metrics, suitable for large scale PV plant

Maintenance-free Design

Using the latest polymer materials bearing can effectively prevent the erosion caused by sand, dust, rain and snow


Automatic recognition of protection for all kinds of weather (rain, snow, high winds, etc.)

Shadow Circumvention

Effectively avoiding the morning and nightfall shadows, increasing power generation by 5% more)


• +/-45° movement range

• 105 mph wind load (ASCE-7/10,IBC2012)

• Custom wind load up to160 mph

• Drive type

     • Single Linear Actuator

     • PLC technology backtracking

     • Motordrive

          • Brown power (or)

          • Shoals wireless parasitic

• Tracking accuracy of 0.5 degree

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